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Our world is built for six millennia : 2000 years of TOHOU-BOHOU , until ABRAHAM ; 2000 years of THORA, until the destruction of the second Temple, and 2000 years of messianic time, and because of our sins, years of this period are flowed and the MACHIAH has not yet come. In the course of centuries, calculations and estimates of masters, show a dramatic situation and impotence to activate the history.

Extract from the Midrash :

To the approach of the Messiah the insolence will grow. One will undermine to all forms of respect and consideration. The vine will give its fruit but the wine will be expensive, without recourse. Places of sage meetings will be delivred to the debauchery. The GALILEE will be devasted ; the DJOULAN will be ravaged. Residents of frontiers will escape the city, and will not find refuge. The wisdom of scribes will faint ; pious men will be despised ; the truth will be refused ; this generation will take a face of dog. The young men will insult old men ; the great will lift ahead the small ; the son will lack respect to its father, the daughter will revolt against its mother, the daughter in law against its mother in law ; members of a same family will hate and the son will not feel shame ahead its father. And on who can we wait help ? ON OUR FATHER THAT IS TO THE SKY. (Sota 49b and Sanhedrin 97a)

In the treaty Sanhedrin 97b ther is discission between R. ELIEZER and Rabbi YOCHOUA on the question to know if the condition to repent is necessary for the deliverance, Rabbi Yochoua, to the opposite of Rabbi Eliezer tells that it is not necessary. Rabbi Eliezer tells : If ISRAEL books to repent it, it will be liberated ; otherwise it will not be. Rabbi Yochoua replies : If it does not repent, opposes it a king whose decrees are as severe as there Amman, then ISRAEL returns to best sentiments.

Maimonide concludes by synthesis : The THORA has promised us that ISRAEL will repent fine days of the exile and will immediately liberated.

Rabbi ALEXANDRE has told : To the fixed time, I am going to hasten the event if ISRAEL deserve (without sufferings) in the opposite case the deliverance will come to the time fixed.

Rabbi Israel of RISHIN explains that the sudden haste per hour of the deliverance by comparing it to deliverance of a woman in layers.When a woman is pregnant and that pains declare to 8° month, then the time of gestation is not bygone, one strives the refrener. It no longer in is similarly to 9° month. If pains declare, one tempts to intensify them, in order that the woman delivers rapidly. The deliverance of ISRAEL is accomplished under the even signs. When the time is bygone, sufferings and tests precipitate so as to hasten the hour of the birth.

Rabbi Yohanan told : If you see a generation that goes by declining , waiting the MACHIAH. In this generation, disciples of sages will decrease in number ; cruel persecutions will happen, before the first comes to an end ; the second will burst.


Since 1848 a wave of liberalism has surged on Europe, that brings to jews the EMANCIPATION. Happy to power study, participate in the political life, to merge with citizens of the country of welcome, some jews wanted to forget traditions transmit during centuries. Some jews reform, in a will to normalize the jewish peaple « to become as everyone » and to appear « deserving » this emancipation do not hesitate to convert.

The destined zionism originally to save jews of the hatred of gentiles, knocks to the same reaction of reject of the share of arabs. The HASKALA wanted to get an assimilation in the country of welcome, zionists wanted to become « as everyone » in a national context. In the two cases, jews were ready for go very far in the compromises to be accepted by the other nations.

The prophet YEKHEZKEL gives us the reply :



« Here is that I am going to make JERUSALEM an amphora giving the dizziness to all peoples around, even with regard to JUDA it will be there when JERUSALEM will be squeezed of near. In this day, I will make JERUSALEM a heavy stone to raise for all nations, all these that will want to , but JERUSALEM will continue to be solidly stay in JERUSALEM.

In this day, I will make chiefs of JUDA as a fire lighted among from woods, as a blazing torch in the middle of a heap of sheaves ; they will devour to straight, to left all nations around, but JERUSALEM will continue to be solidly stay in JERUSALEM.

. . .I will gather all peaples around JERUSALEM for the attack. . . .the mountain of OLIVES will split apart and you will escape. . . like you have made it ahead the earthquake, the time of OUZIA.

. . ..The Eter-nal will knock all peoples that will have made countryside against JERUSALEM : their flesh will decompose them being again on foot, their eyes will use in their socket, and their tongue will rot in their mouth.

In this day, will reign among them a great pertubation by the Eter-nal, one will seize the hand of the other, and the and of the former will increase against the and of the other. JUDA will fight himself ? against JERUSALEM it is to tell that will be multiplied informers (shtinkers).

And whoever will have SURVIVED among all peoples that will have come against JERUSALEM will have to render there each year to prostrate ahead the King, the Eter-nal Tsé-vaot and to celebrate there the feast of SOUKOT (aftara of ZAKHARIA is read justly during the feast of SOUKOT)


FROM 1988 TO. . . . .2002

Period criticizes that will be able to evolve in different directions.

Treaty YOMA : Rabbi YEHOUDA tells : ROMI will fall a day to hands of perses (IRAN). Indeed , the first Temple destroyed by the kaldeen, the former have fallen between hands of the perses, then the second Temple that the perses (IRAN) that will fall to hands of ROMI. The son of DAVID (MACHIAH) will come only when the empire of ROMI will have widened on the whole word for 9 monthes.

During the time that it is necessary to a woman to put its child to the word (pains that precede the arrival of MACHIAH).

Who is ROMI ? United States ? Russia ? Europe ?

For Rabbi SAADIA GAON ( there is 1000 years)ROMI would be descendants of Greeks and by transitivity would be Russian ; alone the future will specify us this strange.

Following the GAON OF VILVA : When Russian boats will pass the BOSPHORE to ISRAEL, il will be necessary then to prepare outfits for MACHIAH.

Neighbor peoples will tell : This time here it is the end ; then it will be clear for you that the moment of the deliverance has arrived.

Me here is against you GOG. . . .Perse (IRAN) Kouch (Ethiopia-Soudan) and Pout (Lybia) will be with them. . . I will make you come against my contry, in order that nations learn to know me, when I will sanctify by you to their eyes + GOG.

In this time there, MIKHAEL, the prince superior, that has for mission to protect your people children will be to its position, and this will be a time of distress such that one will have seen some since that exist nations until this day. . .In this time, the déliverance will come for your people, to all these that are found registered in the book. . ..DANIEL12

It will spread its hand on different countries and the country of Egypt will not be save. . .. . .. Libyens and Ethiopians to its suite. .. .but it will arrive to its last day and person to come it in assistance. DANIEL 11-12

Following the MALBIM, the will of peoples to climb on JERUSALEM will express when ISRAEL will prosper on its earth.

Following M. CORDOVERO, peoples will make the peace between them to climb on JERUSALEM.

Rabbi SHIMON BAR YOHAÏ tells : G’ will make relive all kings that have destroyed his House and fact the pain to the jewish people, He will render them power, will make them climb on JERUSALEM for the final act.

In the book Ha-TEKOUFA Ha-GUEDOLA, followed by KOL HATOR of the GAON OF VILNA ; one communicates us the calculation of HOURS :

The day will accounted 1000 years ; a hour is therefore : 1000 : 24 = 41,666 years.

ADAM was put on feet at 5° hour of the day.

( 5 X 41,666 ) = 208 years

The day in the jewish calendar begins the eve to the self ; 500 years happen therefore until the dawn, what made a total:

5000 (6° millennium) + 500 (night preceding the day) + 208 years (5° hour of the day) = 5708 years.

That correspond to the year of the creation of the State of ISRAEL 1948.

1967 : A lot calculations are linked to verses of DANIEL:  Happy that will arrive to 1335 days ; a day costing a year in the divine system ; one makes start the calculation from the year 632 date of the dead of Mahomet and the arrival from the Klif Omar : 1335 + 632 = 1967 date of liberation of JERUSALEM.

1988 : Was also a propitious year. The RABBI OF LOUBAVITCH told that it was necessary to polish buttons for the arrival of MACHIAH. Instead of MACHIAH it was the war of stones. It is to tell that a propitious date can badly end if the people is not to the appointment. It is there a rule.

1990 : Was also a propitious year ; indeed, it corresponds in the beginning 6° hour in the aforementioned calculation of the GAON OF VILNA.

2000 : 240 years before the end of 6° millennium, the water will climb depths and cover the earth ; safe ERETZ ISRAEL that will float on the water ; 6000 - 240 = 5760 that corresponds to the year 2000 of the civil calendar.

This Midrash REOUBENI is not necessarily to take in the senses first : Face to economic social problems to which are confronted democracies derive them remain possible. As in 1939 ISRAEL would become the « refuge ».

2002 : In the book of DANIEL : .. . .ONE TIME, TWO TIME AND A HALF TIME. . . .

Calculation : Atime = 430 years (Galout was anticipated for the exile of Egypt) ; two time : 430 x 2 = 860 years the total is : 430 + 860 = 1290 years and a half time 1290 : 2 = 645 years

+ 645 = 1935 years

This account is brought to the destruction of the second Temple ; so, it is necessary to add 3828 years (date of the destruction of the Temple) . TOTAL : 1935 + 3828 = 5763 (year 2002 of the civil calendar).

Current situation : ISMAEL (arabic word) and ESSAV (Christian occident) are straps that surround ISRAEL.

ISRAEL is divided or oscillated between two models :

Socialism and Nationalism. But in the two cases G’ is absent from the system.

One can compare ISRAEL to the fruit ESSAV and ISMAEL to the bark that precedes the fruit. If ISRAEL accomplishes its mission, if he absorbs the water « the THORA being compared to the water » then the fruit ISRAEL develops well and make crack the bark, or otherwise if the fruit does not absorb « the water » then the fruit dries and the bark hold the fruit to their merci.

Symbols of HAMOR and CHOR give in guematria : HAMOR = 254 and CHOR = 506 is a total of :

254 + 506 = 760 ( year 2000 ).

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