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Pourquoi les guerres ?

Pourquoi les guerres ?


Paroles et musique : Mike Ofer
Interprété par les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois
Message d'amour, de paix, de liberté adressé au monde.

Ci-dessous english text.

(I tried to translate this wonderful text litterally, because youtube's subtitles system'snot very top!!! Then I hope that, this movie will be maximum shared in pubic mode, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all over social profiles, to make a Buzz on the web. If you can, please I invite you to, try a translate in all your over languages, to make this song being understood by everybody. It's a worldwide peace love and freedom message.)

Why wars?

Tell me why all these wars,
Hatred, blood, and misery?
Wer’e all born on this Earth,
To live happy like brothers.

Tel me dad, why these deads?
In name of God, of all sides,
We rape, we kill, we murder
Young and old, we remove them.

Tell me, sister, why do you cry?
At the base of the Towers, there flowers,
Some men, women and children
Who we’ll eternally love.

Witch God said, and What right,
We want to impose laws?
Without freedom, without hope,
Whites or blacks without difference?

Where women suffer like slaves,
And live hell, subjected but braves,
And you, mom, wipe your tears,
They killed, they have weapons.

Our woodened souls are in anger,
There fools who want War,
Shout to the World, you, nations.

We must to punish educations,
Preaching hatred, death and blood,
In despair of poor.

To all the World, we say,
There’s no religion, that preaches
hatred, death and blood.
Why to kill innocents?
Why destroy, hurt us
We want to live, and not to die!

For all women, who are slaves,
Who live hell, subjected but braves,
The day will come, our son play,
Without hatred and religious war.

Pretty of war, Throw your weapons!
No more orphan, no blood, no tears!
To all the World, to all race :
New York, lives and embraces you.

Hope, love, peace will come,
You, freedom, we’ll win.
Freedom, we’ll win.

(text and music : Mike Ofer
Song by French choir “Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois)

Traduction : Molista 85. Auteur-compositeur-interprète, Molista est chanteuse et flûtiste à bec.

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