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A new synagogue in Jerusalem ? by Bernard Bijaoui


My dear Friends , mes chers Amis et aussi meus caros Amigos

A new synagogue in Jerusalem ?


but this synagogue in not any synagogue , it is one of the lifetime fights of a wonderful Man , a "MENSCH " as we say , Doctor Eric BELLAICHE ,
a brillant French surgeon who made his Alliyah with all his family ,
leaving behind him a very confortable life in Paris to fulfil his dreams
and his Family's desires of helping our People .
His speciality is reparing surgery , not esthetic , no plastic , only
reparing people who suffured of bombs , broken heads ( as we say in
french ) , and also cancers .
This is a small part of his activities .

He is a Rav , teaching daily , a big number of students , taking care
of a bigger & bigger numbers of families and also he is the Mohel of many kehilot all around the world !

Oh , sorry , I forgot to tell you that Eric is my first cousin !!

In order to stop praying in schools , back rooms of post offices ,
Eric & his kehila decided to build their own Synagogue in the
neighbourhood of Bakaa in Jerusalem .

When our Mother Yvonne past away one year ago , I called Eric for him to pray for her.
Without asking anything , without telling anybody , after changing all his heavy program in Jerusalem , Eric was present with us in the Parisian Jewish cimitery , and he helped all of us in one of the worse moment in a lifetime , with the warmness and the quality of the service !
This Man , Eric , is not very good , I would even say very bad in one field , rising money ! ! !
This wonderful man needs us , "
" little brooks make great rivers "
Eric needs us to finish the inside of the Synagogue .
As you can see on the attached pics , the outside shell is already finished and he needs money for the electricity , the painters , the carpenters etc etc etc ............etc for the synagogue to be ready for the Tishri Hagim !

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