Andalucious - Ya lyahoud ou muslemin

Andalucious - Ya lyahoud ou muslemin

Andalucious est un groupe juif qui couvre des chansons d'Afrique du Nord, principalement du Maroc et d'Algérie. En chantant en arabe, les musiciens revisitent de vieilles chansons qui étaient autrefois interprétées par les communautés juives d'Afrique du Nord.

'Andalucious' Passionate masters on their instruments and great personalities makes a fantastic and honest musical mix with wonderful melodies, smart lyrics and catchy songs in various genres of North African music: Morrocan Andalusian music, Algerian Chaabi, Piyyutim and more We love to present you this great song that was recorded in Morocco Essaouira at the Hotel Les Terrasses D'Essaouira -

Check out the lyrics and translations. The Universe connected us as we were looking for artists and they were looking for someone who can record them due their visit in Morocco to play concerts at the 15th Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques d'Essaouira :) The setup was tight as we had only 40 min. for mic setup, soundcheck, put the cameras and record - what you have here is the first take and it was magic.

We love to say thank you for this great experience and wish you all the best !!! The lyrics are wonderful !!! Each one is different but we are all equal and should spend our time to live in peace together :) The Track was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Adrian "Ady" Parzentny from Hit The Road Music Studio : A mobile record studio, traveling and recording artists all around the world ! You wanna join the creative revolution? Get your Songs Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ady The Soundguy,